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Intertidal clams and oysters are an important traditional food source to QARS Member Nations and, as such, ensuring the safe consumption of shellfish is one of QARS’ priorities. Intertidal clams and oysters are filter feeding animals.  They feed by filtering plankton out of the water using their gills.  Because they are filtering sea water, they also filter and accumulate other particles, including marine biotoxins, bacteria, and viruses, in their tissues. These marine biotoxins, bacteria, and viruses are often harmful to humans. 

Information released to the public regarding safe places to harvest clams and oysters has generally not been accessible or clear to harvesters.  To help harvesters find safe places to harvest clams and oysters, QARS has developed a mobile app in collaboration with Trailmark Systems Inc. called Can U Dig It. The app allows harvesters to see graphically on a map where it is safe to harvest and for what species.

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