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Kendrick Isle Habitat Assessment

At the request of Lyackson First Nation, QARS conducted a habitat assessment of a portion of the waters surrounding Kendrick Isle with the help of Lyackson staff.  Numerous fish, invertebrate, and algae species were documented.

  • Lyackson Stream walks

  • Lyackson shingle point fisheries values

  • Lyackson ROV survey – log storage

  • Bonsall Creek watershed

  • Herring genetics

  • European Green Crab

  • Fry Salvage

  • Herbicide

Assessment of salmon habitat
Views from Penelakut Island

Mary Creek Salmon Habitat Assessment

QARS initiated a salmon habitat assessment of Mary Creek on Penelakut Island at the request of Penelakut Tribe Member, Councillor, and QARS Board Member, Ken Thomas. The assessment was carried out by QARS staff, Penelakut Tribe staff, and contractor D.R. Clough Consulting. The Pacific Salmon Foundation provided some funds for equipment purchase and DFO provided support for D.R. Clough.

Mary Creek survey area
Assessment of salmon habitat on Penelakut Island
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