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Pacific herring play a critical role in the health of our local marine ecosystem. Within the Hul’q’umi’num core territory, Pacific herring spawning events have been reduced dramatically since the 1990’s with no Pacific herring spawn observed in recent years. This lack of spawn, coupled with increased Food and Bait fishery quotas, led QARS and its Member nations to begin working towards the removal of commercial herring fisheries from portions of the Hul’q’umi’num core territory. After several years, QARS and its Members have effected the closures of the Food and Bait, Special Use, and Roe Herring commercial fisheries in the waters contained within the Southern Gulf Islands (PFMAs 17-1 to 17-9, portions of 17-16, 17-17, PFMA 18 (all subareas), and PFMA 29-5). These closures will provide overwintering and migrating herring with a refuge from the commercial fishing pressure that is present almost year-round in the Strait of Georgia. QARS continues to work towards the rebuilding of local herring stocks and the rehabilitation of the local ecosystem.

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